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connect. relate. diffuse.

mcSQUARED Public Relations

About US Connect. Relate. Diffuse. Inspire.

perception is reality

your reality is determined by
how others see you, hear you or think of you

we inspire you
to connect, relate and diffuse your message

we adapt your message and make it individual
to each of your audiences

we manage perceptions

even if we speak the same language
we fundamentally fail to communicate with each other

communication is not about the language we speak,
communication is about how we connect through perceptions

once connected, we convey your message and invite your audiences
to relate to you and, with you, diffuse your reality

v. con·nect·ed, con·nect·ing, con·nects To associate; to join to
v.intr. To become joined or united

v. re·lat·ing, re·lat·ing, re·lates To bring into or link in logical or natural association
v.intr. To have a reciprocal relationship

v. dif·fused, dif·fus·sing, dif·fus-es
v. tr. To pour out and cause to spread freely; to scatter; to disseminate
v.intr. To spread out, to become widely dispersed

Who We Are We connect, relate, diffuse.

we are a team of multi-cultural, multi-generational, highly skilled professionals
with more than 20 years of experience in cultural adaptation processes,
cross-border business, large-scale and private/intimate event planning

we’ve planned and flawlessly executed political and business-oriented events
in close collaboration with the Council on Foreign Relations, The Americas Society,
the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce
where we’ve hosted key figures of the political and entertainment arenas from the U.S.
and from various South American and European countries

we’ve successfully managed corporate communications and client relationships
for multi-national companies in diverse industries: telecom, finance, legal, entertainment

we not only believe that cultural adaptation is key to delivering a successful message,
we know it, we live it, we make it happen

What exactly do we do?

we are a boutique public relations firm based in Brooklyn
devoted to collaborate with public and private clients in finding that universal voice
which enables them to connect, relate and diffuse their message in the most efficient way
across cultural and language perimeters

we work side-by-side with our clients to capture their vision and develop a core message
that will resonate with key audiences
and will generate positive media coverage across digital and traditional channels

we share our clients passion for their vocation
making their mission our mission

we are focused, determined, hard working and persistent in achieving
results that exceed expectations

Our Tools These are our tools:

media monitoring

news wires
online publications
internet forums
blogs (main stream journalists)
social media
video sharing sites


speech and presentation development
press releases, articles (“op-ed” articles),
letters to the editor
internal communications
convey messages that generate positive media coverage
third-party input

conference and event planning

meeting facilitation
logistical planning and management – alerts, actionable items to draw attendance
on-site support
briefing materials

Contact Us Perception is reality. We manage perceptions.