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About US

Based in Brooklyn, New York’s cradle of creativity, MC2 is a boutique public relations firm that has reached international notoriety for its unorthodox yet successful approach to public relations.

Providing a sound strategic and media counseling to high-profile international political players has proven to be a game-changer for our clients.

Making the right decisions based on accurate interpretations of the facts, coupled with a profound understanding of media trends and tendencies, are the key to a successful public relations campaign.

Good research is vital. In addition to collecting relevant information for our clients, our professionals strive to finding the perfect reporter or niche media outlet to carry your message, as well as identifying the right exposure and venues for our clients to consider.

We help you position your message in new territories and connect you to the right players abroad.

v. con·nect·ed, con·nect·ing, con·nects To associate; to join to
v.intr. To become joined or united

v. re·lat·ing, re·lat·ing, re·lates To bring into or link in logical or natural association
v.intr. To have a reciprocal relationship

v. dif·fused, dif·fus·sing, dif·fus-es
v. tr. To pour out and cause to spread freely; to scatter; to disseminate
v.intr. To spread out, to become widely dispersed

Results that exceed expectations

Who We Are

Crackerjacks in media relations, advertising, multimedia production, and crisis management, our campaigns attract mainstream media attention worldwide.

We rely on our acute cross-cultural vision to craft and execute successful and effective political and business-oriented events laced with the participation of international key figures of the political and entertainment arenas.

Mavericks in cultural adaptation processes we formulate clever messages that invite your target audiences to think beyond the box.

Maria Garay

Maria Garay

Maverick strategist and crisis manager.
Idea lab director.

Jean Paul Borja

Jean Paul Borja

Crackerjack in media relations and advertising. Editor and filmmaker.

Rafael Rosero

Rafael Rosero

Swell multimedia producer and breaking news chaser.

Lady Zúñiga

Lady Zúñiga

The agency’s ingenious and systematic backbone.

Veronica Quito

Veronica Quito

Logistical and organizational guru. Crunch-time charmer.

What exactly do we do?

we are a boutique public relations firm based in Brooklyn
devoted to collaborate with public and private clients in finding that universal voice
which enables them to connect, relate and diffuse their message in the most efficient way
across cultural and language perimeters

we work side-by-side with our clients to capture their vision and develop a core message
that will resonate with key audiences
and will generate positive media coverage across digital and traditional channels

we share our clients passion for their vocation
making their mission our mission

we are focused, determined, hard working and persistent in achieving
results that exceed expectations

Results that exceed expectations

Our Tools

media monitoring

news wires
online publications
internet forums
blogs (main stream journalists)
social media
video sharing sites


Speech writing and presentation development
Press Releases

conference and event planning

meeting facilitation
logistical planning and management – alerts, actionable items to draw attendance
on-site support
briefing materials

Multimedia Production

News/events coverage
Studio and on location interviews
Social Media Videos
Live Broadcasting
Full Red cinema package available

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